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Another reason may be a limiting influence of a low conductive sub-surface layer, since there is an ohmic constant slope of I-E plot in linear coordinates in the high-current region (1-10mA). The time stability of the emission current for some of the DLC films studied is good: the I-E curves are reproducible after many measuring cycles, or after many hours without field applied (Figure 1). The emission current is constant at different fixed fields during at least one hour (Figure 3). Note that, the relative value of the low frequency current noise decreases with electric field.

Change in diode current, DI, with hydrogen partial pressure at 55°C. Page 18 Figure 8. Repeatability test of Pd-diamond sensor for H2 detection in open air. where the saturation current density I0 is given by Here fbis the Schottky barrier height, n is an ideality factor, A** is the effective Richardson constant, T is the measurement temperature in °K, and k is Boltzmann's constant. Figure 9 is log of I/{1 - exp(-qV/kT)} against V, for the sensor operating at 27°C in air and hydrogen environments, showing a linear relation over the entire reverse bias region, indicating a barrier dominated conduction mechanism controlled by thermionic field emission.

V. Dudartchik 46 Page vi Diamond-Like Film-Porous Silicon Systems: New Approach for Optoelectronic Devices Fabrication YU. P. Pirayatinskii, V. A. Semenovich, N. I. Klyui and A. G. Rozhin 51 Photovoltaic Cells with CVD Diamond Films: Correlation between DLTS Spectra and Photoresponse Kinetics P. I. Perov. I. Polyakov, N. M. Rossukanyi, A. I. Rukovishnikov, A. V. Khomich, A. I. Krikunov, V. P. Varnin, I. G. Teremetskaya, S. M. Pimenov and V. I. Konov 57 The Effect of (a-C:H) Films on the Properties of the n-Si/p-(a-SiC:H) Solar Cells L.

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