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What's guy? This ebook examines Derrida's contribution to this long-standing philosophical and political debate, which has in most cases evoked an important department among people and different animals. Derrida can pay shut recognition to how animals are used to discover humanity in a number of writings, together with fables and fiction. This results in moral questions about how people deal with animals: sacrificing animals (say, in manufacturing unit farms) whereas extending like to pets. And it ends up in political questions on how we dehumanise 'outsiders', from old concerns reminiscent of colonialism and slavery to modern matters equivalent to nation Terror based on 'rogue states'.

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The third point would be Derrida’s disagreement with Agamben’s historical claim that the introduction of ‘bare life’ into the political order is the decisive event of political modernity­– ­since, at the same time, any notion of ‘qualified’ life is as ancient as can be according to Agamben’s own examples (Beast 1, 316–17; Bête 1, 421). 68 While the liquid in which Derrida swims is primarily a philosophical brew, there is also a literary context, and indeed the borderline between genres is not always as clear cut as the ‘two discourses’, setting philosophy against poetry, evoked in The Animal That Therefore I Am might imply.

43 Costello is then attacked in a letter from a poet, Abraham Stern, who refuses to dine with her; he argues that she is trading in cheap analogies: You took over for your own purposes the familiar comparison between the murdered Jews of Europe and slaughtered cattle. The Jews died like cattle, therefore cattle die like Jews, you say. That is a trick with words which I will not accept. You misunderstand the nature of likenesses; I would even say you misunderstand wilfully, to the point of blasphemy.

I should, however, add that there is of course some overlap between the seminars and published works since inevitably Derrida used elements of the seminar material, sometimes reworked, in public lectures and in publications (‘General Introduction’, x–xi; ‘Introduction générale’, 11). 36 Socio-political contexts There are a number of contexts to Derrida’s writing on animals­– ­I have referred already to the micro-contexts of presentation and publication, but there are far more significant larger ones at the end of the twentieth century and beginning of the twenty-first.

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