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The elemental amorphous semiconductor most sensitive to doping is amorphous selenium [42]. Only a few hundred ppm of oxygen, potassium or chlorine [43] introduced in the melt increase the dark conductivity by several orders of magnitude. A change to n-type conduction was reported when traces of chlorine were added. The chemical impurities are of leading importance in controlling the transport properties in amorphous semiconductors. 4 Electronic-Structural Defects Valence Alternation Pairs In 1969 Cohen et al.

The microdefects are: – local or point defects (dangling bonds, quasi-vacancies, quasi-interstitials); – diffuse or collective defects (extended defects); – chemical defects (wrong bonds, impurities); – electronic-structural defects (valence alternation pairs, quasi-molecular defects). The macrodefects can be classified as columns, voids, network of pores, pinholes, and cracks. Several types of defects are correlated. Local or point defects are usually extended on a larger scale in the network. Change of coordination of the atoms and, therefore, a local structural change accompany electronic defects.

Popescu, in Proc. Intern. Conf. “Amorphous Semiconductors ’78”, Pardubice, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 1, 1978, p. 203. T. Egami, K. Maeda and V. Vitek, Phil. Mag. A 41, 883 (1980). R. S. Williams and T. Egami, IEEE Trans. Magn. 12, 927 (1976). H. Chen and E. Coleman, Appl. Phys. Lett. 28, 245 (1976). R. C. Morris, J. Appl. Phys. 40, 3250 (1979). M. F. Ashby and J. Logan, Scripta Met. 7, 513 (1973). W. B. Jackson and S. B. Zhang, in Transport, Correlation and Structural Defects (Advances in Disordered Semiconductors, Vol.

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Declarative versus imperative paradigms in games AI by Combs N.

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