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Constrained Degrees of Freedom Any joint that is part of a Constraint or Weld may have one or more of its available degrees of freedom constrained. The program automatically creates a master joint to govern the behavior of each Constraint, and a master joint to govern the behavior of each set of joints that are connected together by a Weld. The displacement of a constrained degree of freedom is then computed as a linear combination of the displacements along the degrees of freedom at the corresponding master joint.

See Chapter “Constraints and Welds” (page 47) for more information. Each degree of freedom in the structural model must be one of the following types: • Active — the displacement is computed during the analysis • Restrained — the displacement is specified, and the corresponding reaction is computed during the analysis • Constrained — the displacement is determined from the displacements at other degrees of freedom • Null — the displacement does not affect the structure and is ignored by the analysis • Unavailable — the displacement has been explicitly excluded from the analysis These different types of degrees of freedom are described in the following subtopics.

If this direction is not parallel to local axis I, it is used as the reference vector V p 3. Otherwise, the secondary coordinate direction pldirs is evaluated at joint j in fixed coordinate system csys. If this direction is not parallel to local axis I, it is used as the reference vector V p 4. Otherwise, the method fails and the analysis terminates. This will never happen if pldirp is not parallel to pldirs A vector is considered to be parallel to local axis I if the sine of the angle between them is less than 10-3.

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