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Pakistan has undertaken a couple of operations opposed to militant teams on account that 2001. there were a few successes, yet such teams as al Qa1ida proceed to give an important risk to Pakistan, the U.S., and different nations. Pakistan must identify a population-centric counterinsurgency that larger protects the neighborhood inhabitants and addresses grievances. It must also abandon militancy as a device of overseas and family coverage.

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Pakistan’s Use of Proxy Warfare Most accounts assume that Pakistan first engaged in using militants as a foreign policy tool during the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan. Pakistan, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and others supported seven major mujahideen groups operating in Afghanistan. “The Mujahedeen could achieve nothing without financial support,” acknowledged Brigadier Mohammad Yousaf, who headed the Directorate for InterServices Intelligence’s (ISI’s) Afghan bureau from 1983 to 1987, and was responsible for the supply, training, and operation planning of the mujahideen.

13 Swami, India, Pakistan and the Secret Jihad. 14 See Barnett R. : Ashgate, 2005. 15 Afghanistan rejects the de facto and de jure border, the Durand Line, that separates Pakistan from Afghanistan. The Durand Line was demarcated by the British in a treaty signed by the Afghan ruler, Abdur Rahman Khan, in 1893. Afghanistan argues that the treaty was signed under duress and furthermore that Pakistan was not a successor state to the British Raj. As such, Afghans argue that the treaty is void. International law does not support the the Militant Challenge 11 Pakistan’s support to Afghan militants did not commence with the December 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

While able to establish a semblance of order, the Taliban government lacked international legitimacy and gradually became an international pariah. ”34 In addition, the Taliban allowed Osama bin Laden and his al Qa’ida network to establish a sanctuary in Afghanistan, despite Pakistan’s repeated requests that bin Laden be handed over to Pakistani authorities. Over time, some Pakistani policymakers—including senior diplomats—began to see the Taliban as more of a political liability than an asset, fearing growing criticism about the Taliban’s human rights violations and alliance with al Qa’ida.

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