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Corrugated horns are well-known and hugely effective, specifically of their use as feeds for microwave reflector antennas. This e-book is dedicated to the speculation and layout of corrugated horns and scalar feeds and explains why hybrid mode feeds are perfect feeds for reflectors

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Kuhn [171] has recently solved the discontinuity problem using a scattering matrix formulation. The design of transitions is discussed again in Chapter 5. 7 Multimode corrugated waveguides The feeds considered above are designed to support one mode of propagation and a higher-order mode is present only as an undesirable feature. This situation contrasts with the multimode feed where the presence of the higher-order mode is an essential and desirable aspect of the design. Multimode feeds can be designed using smoothwall waveguide but in general their features are similar to those of multimode | z=0 (i) side view (»i) end view schematic diagram of waveguide junction geometry Channel Aperture Distribution Constituent modes HE,, azimuthal difference elevation difference HE 2 1 Fig.

This result was established independently by Dragone [56] more recently and Fig. 22, due to him, satisfactorily compares eqn. 90 with experimental results. James [74, 75, 77] has approached the discontinuity problem from a different standpoint. He treats the corrugated waveguide as a cascade of uniform waveguides Cylindrical corrugated waveguides 53 of very short length with radii corresponding to the inside of the corrugated waveguide and the base of the corrugation. The approach has the virtue of allowing one to treat transitions in the throat region of a corrugated waveguide where the corrugation depth changes rapidly with distance along the waveguide.

1 Introduction The sucessful design of a feed with corrugated walls depends on the synergism of a number of related elements of theory. Fig. 1 identifies the main elements of the theory. In this chapter we are concerned with feeds in the class of Fig. e. the cylindrical corrugated waveguide with a radiating aperture. Feeds of this kind are used at the prime focus of a reflector for, as they can be made with aperture diameters as small as one wavelength or less, they provide for efficient illumination.

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