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By Irl N. Duling III

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Wood^ showed that it was not necessary to have negative dispersion in the fiber. Short pulse operation was obtained also for positive dispersion. Experiments supported this prediction^5"7}. Clearly, a more general principle was at work in this system. This is how the coupled cavity modelocking principle or additive pulse modelocking principle was discovered. 13 was not necessary to achieve modelocking. In fact, it was soon observed experimentally that the pulse returned from the auxiliary cavity into the main cavity was in fact longer when the laser was tuned so as to operate in the positive dispersion regime of the fiber.

It is clear that a broader spectrum is obtained at positive D values. If means are provided to compress the pulse externally by sending it through a negatively dispersive medium, shorter pulse widths can be achieved. 41) On the right-hand side is the pulse shortening action of the saturable absorber. On the left-hand side are the mechanisms responsible for the pulse lengthening. In the steady state the effects balance. The term (g/0j;T2)(2 — 01) expresses the pulse lengthening due to the finite gain bandwidth.

The feedback is adjusted to maintain a certain fixed power level. CONTROL FIBER L2 PUMP XTAL M, PZT Mo s > OUTPUT • M BIREFRINGENCE PLATES . 13. The soliton laser. Short pulse generation 23 The explanation of the operation of the system is briefly as follows: The pulses fed into the fiber form second order solitons as they pass the fiber forward and back. The net distance is made equal or close to half the soliton period Z o /2. This shortened pulse reinjected into the main cavity shortens the main pulse.

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