Irvin Glassman and Richard A. Yetter (Auth.)'s Combustion PDF

By Irvin Glassman and Richard A. Yetter (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0120885735

ISBN-13: 9780120885732

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, Page iv

, Pages v-vi

, Pages xvii-xviii

, Pages xix-xx
Chapter 1 - Chemical Thermodynamics and Flame Temperatures

, Pages 1-41
Chapter 2 - Chemical Kinetics

, Pages 43-74
Chapter three - Explosive and basic Oxidative features of Fuels

, Pages 75-145
Chapter four - Flame Phenomena in Premixed flamable Gases

, Pages 147-260
Chapter five - Detonation

, Pages 261-309
Chapter 6 - Diffusion Flames

, Pages 311-377
Chapter 7 - Ignition

, Pages 379-408
Chapter eight - Environmental Combustion Considerations

, Pages 409-494
Chapter nine - Combustion of Nonvolatile Fuels

, Pages 495-550

, Pages 551-553
Appendix A - Thermochemical info and Conversion Factors

, Pages 555-651
Appendix B - Adiabatic Flame Temperatures of Hydrocarbons

, Pages 653-657
Appendix C - particular response price Constants

, Pages 659-691
Appendix D - Bond Dissociation Energies of Hydrocarbons

, Pages 693-702
Appendix E - Flammability Limits in Air

, Pages 703-712
Appendix F - Laminar Flame Speeds

, Pages 713-720
Appendix G - Spontaneous Ignition Temperature Data

, Pages 721-741
Appendix H - minimal Spark Ignition Energies and Quenching Distances

, Pages 743-746
Appendix I - courses for Combustion Kinetics

, Pages 747-758
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Subject Index

, Pages 769-773

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Stagnation Pressure Considerations To understand the difference in stagnation pressure losses between subsonic and supersonic combustion one must consider sonic conditions in isoergic and isentropic flows; that is, one must deal with, as is done in fluid mechanics, the Fanno and Rayleigh lines. Following an early NACA report for these conditions, since the mass flow rate (ρuA) must remain constant, then for a constant area duct the momentum equation takes the form dP/ρ ϭ Ϫu2 (du/u) ϭ Ϫa 2 M 2 where a² is the speed of sound squared.

Rocketry 2, 95 (1954). Huff, V. N. and Morell, J. , Natl. Advis. Comm. Aeronaut. Tech Note NASA TN-1133 (1950). , and Sawyer, R. ” Chap. I 1, Technivision, London, 1970. Reynolds, W. , “Stanjan,” Dept. Mech. Eng. Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 1986. Kee, R. , Rupley, F. , and Miller, J. , CHEMKIN-II: “A FORTRAN Chemical Kinetics Package for the Analysis of Gas-Phase Chemical Kinetics,” Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA, Sandia Report SAWD89-8009, 1989. , East. States Combust. Inst.

Thus, the Arrhenius form for the rate is where Z ЈAB ϭ σAB B RR ϭ Z ЈAB (A)(B) exp(ϪE/RT ) When one compares this to the reaction rate written from the law of mass action [Eq. 8) Thus, the important conclusion is that the specific reaction rate constant k is dependent on temperature alone and is independent of concentration. Actually, when complex molecules are reacting, not every collision has the proper steric orientation for the specific reaction to take place. 9) where ဧ is a steric factor, which can be a very small number at times.

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