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By Raphael Sabatini

Set on the time of the invention of the hot global, this can be the awesome tale of Columbus’ affair with a mysterious Spanish girl – Beatriz Enriquez. Sabatini superbly lines the process their romance and the kid that she bore him while additionally taking pictures all of the ardour of Columbus different fight – opposed to none except the King and Queen of Spain.

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It is too subtle, Diego, for your innocent mind. Indeed, for long it eluded even mine, which is far from innocent. ” It is among the obiter dicta of the good Franciscan of whom he spoke, Frey Juan Perez, who was Prior of the Convent of La Rabida, that the temper of a man’s soul is commonly displayed in his voice. It is possible that Frey Juan’s was more subtly attuned than the common ear. It is possible that his wide experience as a confessor-in which capacity he commonly heard without seeing, so that his consciousness would be centred in his hearing-had led him to discover a definitive affinity between the spiritual qualities and the tone and pitch of voice of a penitent whose countenance was rendered invisible to him by the screen of the confessional.

Meanwhile we shall supply the needs of your child. ” “You are very good to a stranger, Sir Prior,” was Colon’s acknowledgment of an invitation upon which he had counted, and for which he had angled in his vaunting self-description. Frey Juan, no less disingenuous, was content to answer by a wave of deprecation. For kindly man though he was, it was not kindness only that prompted the hospitality. If he knew his world, this was no ordinary traveller. There might be profit in talk with such a man; and if not profit, at least entertainment such as came too rarely into Frey Juan’s present claustral life.

Representations from him on behalf of his odd guest might induce her to give the man’s claims that consideration which Colon complained had formerly been denied them. Pondering this as he lay wakeful on his hard pallet, the good Prior was ready to perceive the hand of God in the strange chance that had brought Colon to La Rabida. He was not to suspect that here was no chance at all; that Colon, as coldly calculating in furthering his aims as he was fiery in expounding them, well aware of Frey Juan’s interest in cosmography and of the link that bound him to the Queen, had made his way of deliberate intent to the convent, there to dangle a bait before the Franciscan’s eyes.

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