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By Zili Wu, Steven H. Overbury

ISBN-10: 012801217X

ISBN-13: 9780128012178

Catalysis by way of fabrics with Well-Defined Structures examines the newest advancements within the use of version platforms in basic catalytic technological know-how. A staff of trendy specialists presents authoritative, first-hand info, aiding readers larger comprehend heterogeneous catalysis through the use of version catalysts in accordance with uniformly nanostructured fabrics.

The textual content addresses subject matters and concerns relating to fabric synthesis, characterization, catalytic reactions, floor chemistry, mechanism, and theoretical modeling, and lines a finished assessment of contemporary advances in catalytic stories on nanomaterials with well-defined constructions, together with nanoshaped metals and steel oxides, nanoclusters, and unmarried websites within the components of heterogeneous thermal catalysis, photocatalysis, and electrocatalysis.

Users will locate this publication to be a useful, authoritative resource of knowledge for either the skin scientist and the catalysis practitioner

  • Outlines the significance of nanomaterials and their capability as catalysts
  • Provides certain details on synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials with well-defined buildings, bearing on floor job to catalytic job
  • Details find out how to identify the structure-catalysis courting and the way to bare the outside chemistry and floor constitution of catalysts
  • Offers examples on a variety of in situ characterization instrumental techniques
  • Includes in-depth theoretical modeling using complicated Density practical conception (DFT) methods

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