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By Allen Zadoff

ISBN-10: 0316231126

ISBN-13: 9780316231121

They wanted the precise soldier: person who might functionality in each state of affairs with no worry, sympathy or anger; who may possibly assassinate strangers after which stroll away emotionally unscathed. so that they made Boy Nobody-a youngster without identify or heritage. the ideal soldier.

Boy not anyone is the perennial new child at school, the only few detect and no-one thinks a lot about.He exhibits up in a brand new highschool, in a brand new city, below a brand new identify, makes few buddies and doesn't remain long.Just lengthy adequate for somebody in his new friend's kin to die -- of "natural causes." undertaking finished, Boy no one disappears, and strikes directly to the subsequent target.

But whilst he's assigned to the mayor of latest York urban, issues swap. The daughter turns out a lot like him; the mayor smells like his father. And while stories and questions floor, this system is staring at. simply because someplace, deep within Boy no one, is a person: the child he as soon as was once, the teenager who wishes basic such things as a true domestic and oldsters, a tender guy who desires out. And who simply may want these issues badly adequate to sabotage The Program's venture.

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