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By Walter Mosley

2013 Retail ePub

A cosmic blue gentle shines down in the world making a race of gods—and demons—whose conflict for supremacy will ensure the destiny of the planet

It is the mid Nineteen Sixties, and the folk of San Francisco are prepared for transcendence. One evening, beams of blue gentle streak down from house, killing a few, using others mad, and lifting a fortunate few to a country of comfortable brilliance. For the surviving, newly advanced large race of “blues,” the powers of the universe are nearby. below their assistance, Earth will both be raised to heaven or dragged to hell.

Horace LaFontaine can be touched by means of the light—but rather than advancing to a better country, he unearths his physique inhabited through a vicious intergalactic customer referred to as grey guy. Horace needs to watch, helpless, as grey guy turns his physique right into a weapon and makes use of it to focus on the blues, who will desire each ounce in their monstrous energy simply to live on.

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