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21 An enzyme (cathepsin) hydrolyzes L-glutamyl-L-tyrosine to carbobenzoxy-L-glutamic acid and L-tyrosine. It has been found (Frantz and Stephenson, J. Biol. , 169, 359, 1947) that the glutamic acid formed in the hydrolysis, inhibits (competitively) the progress of the reaction by forming a complex with cathepsin. The course of the reaction is followed by adding tyrosine decarboxylase which evolves CO2. 0581 Calculate (a) the value of Michaelis-Menten constants of the enzyme, KS, and (b) the dissociation constant of enzyme-inhibitor Enzyme Kinetics 2-45 complex, KI.

4 shows the SAS NLIN specifications and the computer output. You can choose one of the four iterative methods: modified Gauss-Newton, Marquardt, gradient or steepest-descent, and multivariate secant or false position method (SAS, 1985). The Gauss-Newton iterative methods regress the residuals onto the partial derivatives of the model with respect to the parameters until the iterations converge. You also have to specify the model and starting values of the parameters to be estimated. It is optional to provide the partial derivatives of the model with respect to each parameter.

11), can be rearranged to be expressed in linear form. 34) CS An equation of the form of Eq. 32) was given by Langmuir (Carberry, 1976) for the treatment of data from the adsorption of gas on a solid surface. If the Michaelis-Menten equation is applicable, the Langmuir plot will result in a straight line, and the slope will be equal to 1/rmax. 5. as Gerald and Wheatley (1989), Chappra and Canale (1988), Carnahan et al. (1969), and Burden and Faires (1989). 5 The Langmuir plot (KM = 10, rmax = 5).

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