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By Julius Preuss

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It is a translation of the 1911 Biblisch-Talmudiesche Medizin , an greatly researched textual content that gathers the clinical and hygienic references present in the Jewish sacred, old, and felony literatures, written through German health care provider and pupil Julius Preuss (1861-1913).

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Chullin 58a & passim 42. Tosefta Makkoth 2:5; Tosefta Baba Kamma 6: 17; Tosefta Gittin 4:7 43. Oefele, in Pagel-Neuburger. Handbuch der Geschichte der Medizin 1:82 14 BIBLICAL-TALMUDIC MEDICINE law 44 : a person who intended to kill person A, but actually killed person B, cannot be punished for murder or for manslaughter 45 • If the mother, then, dies during the dismemberment of her fetus through the fault of the physician, and if the exemption from liability in a case of error in objecto is considered admissible, then the operator would normally be exempt from punishment according to this principle, since he was not intent on harming the mother.

There is no direct proof of this type of "polyclinic" in the Talmud, but it seems to be implied in the frequent references to "physicians" in situations where in our opinion a single physician would have sufficed. To decide the question as to whether certain bones belonged to the same 82. 83. 84. 85. Chullin 57b Levit. Rabbah 19: I ibid 22:4 Chullin 57b 86. Jerushalmi Berachoth S; 9b 87. Kelim 12:3 and IS: I 88. Guhl and Koner. Leben der Griechen und RiJmer 2:297 89. Lamentations Rabbah 2: IS fol23b 90.

Ethnographische Monographie Semitenvo/kes. 294 eines ostajrikanischen Berlin 1904, particularly INTRODUCTION 9 previously unsuspected. To them (Mallery and Merker) Bastian's teaching concerning the thoughts of nations was foreign. It was my wish not only to give completely accurate citations as they relate to the contents, but to consider each individual teaching in its milieu, according to its sources and its later development, in order to construct a part of the cultural history in this manner; particularly because it seems impossible, for the above-mentioned reasons, to provide a collection of biographies with more or less detailed extracts from the writings of individual authors as a substitute for a section from the history of the development of ideas.

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