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The essays during this quantity discover the ways that conventional philosophical difficulties approximately self-knowledge, self-identity, and cost have migrated into literature because the Romantic and Idealist classes. In a wide-ranging serious and philosophical dialogue, the members provide a philosophical knowing of the roots and nature of latest literary and philosophical perform, and difficult robust and influential, yet not often decisively articulated, conceptions of the human topic and of worth.

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Whether elegiac consciousness of moral freedom never quite coming to realization can itself sustain a kind of measured, always shifting, self-integrity and sense of cultural possibilities (rather than madness), therein motivating confession and a sense of shared identity (as Bernstein describes them) and gratitude (rather than revenge), presents itself here as an always open, and perhaps unavoidable, question. Michael Fischer hopes for a culture that, while imperfect and suffused with antagonisms, is also informed by gratitude and a sense of shared, affirmative possibilities.

Human subjects have been cast as bearing a double consciousness of aspirations and their defeat. They are seen as possessing a partly accomplished power to transform culture, but also as suffering guilt over failures of attention and responsiveness. Is this sort of sense of the human subject simply parcelled out among all of us, so that any poet, possessed of and enacting enough self-consciousness, might speak for us, might express a shared sense of subjectivity? Or does it make a difference to the sense one has of oneself as a subject that one is a woman?

Following Lacoue-Labarthe and Nancy, both Bates and Seyhan suggest that this kind of double consciousness, emerging out of the reception of Kant, has massively informed much of the most commanding literary and philosophical work of the last two centuries, including at least the English and American Romantics, Kierkegaard, Marx, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, and poets of the American sublime such as Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams, among many others. In "Kant, Holderlin, and the Experience of Longing," I undertake to track this sort of double consciousness as it manifests itself in the texts of both Kant and Holderlin.

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Beyond Representation: Philosophy and Poetic Imagination (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and the Arts) by Richard Eldridge

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