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By James Lee

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Originally created as a robust textual content processing instrument, Perl has when you consider that developed right into a multi-purpose, multi-platform language in a position to imposing numerous initiatives corresponding to method management, CGI and community programming, XML processing, and extra. Beginning Perl, moment Edition presents priceless perception into Perl's function in all of those initiatives and more.

Commencing with a entire evaluate of language fundamentals, you are going to research all approximately very important strategies corresponding to Perl's facts kinds and keep an eye on move constructs. This fabric units the degree for a dialogue of extra complicated themes, akin to writing customized capabilities, utilizing ordinary expressions, and dossier enter and output. subsequent, we stream directly to the complex subject matters of item orientated programming, modules, CGI programming, and database management with Perl's robust database interface module, DBI. The examples and code supplied give you the entire info you must begin writing your individual strong scripts to unravel the issues indexed above, and lots of more.

Whether you're a entire beginner or an skilled programmer, Beginning Perl, moment Edition deals a great consultant to studying Perl.

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In Perl, false is defined as • 0 • "0" • "" (also known as the empty string) • Undefmed • Empty list (we'll discuss this in Chapter 4) Later, we will want to perform actions based on whether something is true or false, like if one number is bigger than another, or unless a problem has occurred, or while there is data left to examine. We will use comparison operators to evaluate whether these things are true or false so that we can make decisions based on them. Some programming languages represent false as 0 and true as 1, and this allows us to use operators very similar to those bitwise operators we've just met to combine our comparisons, and to say "if this or this is true," "if this is not true," and so on.

Fortunately, this is pretty easy to fix. Firstly, we didn't tell Perl to separate the numbers with a space, and secondly, we didn't tell it to put a new line on the end. pl 25 -4 $ For the purpose of human readability, we often write large integers such as 10000000 by splitting up the number with commas: 10,000,000. This is sometimes known as chunking. While we might write 10 million with a comma if we wrote a check for that amount, don't use the comma to chunk in a Perl program. Instead, use the underscore: 10_000_000.

For backward compatibility, we will stick with the -w option. Program Structure One of the things we want to develop throughout this book is a sense of good programming practice. Obviously this will not only benefit you while using Perl, but in almost every other programming language too. The most fundamental notion is how to structure and lay out the code in your source files. By keeping this tidy and easy to understand, you'll make your own life as a programmer easier. 5 6 CHAPTER 1 • FIRST STEPS IN PERL Documenting Your Programs As we mentioned earlier, a line starting with a hash, or pound sign (#),is treated as a comment, and ignored.

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