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Consequently, it is convenient to think of the fundus of the stomach as being the acid-producing area and distinct from the antral portion which secretes an alkaline juice. Recent studies on the living human stomach using a pW meter closely applied to the mucosa indicate that the extent of the alkaline-secreting G A S T R I C P H Y S I O L O G Y 3i mucosa is variable, but often extends up the lesser curvature some way from the antrum. Reflux of duodenal contents into the stomach takes place at intervals in most patients.

These are used in the elimination of duodenal ulcer from the differential diagnosis, and in assessment of the ulcer case before treatment. —This is usually done after the night's fast.

There are some grounds for considering the latter as more than a chronic extension of the former, for acute ulcers, as we know from studies of patients bleeding from the stomach, occur over a far wider area than do chronic ulcers, and they also commonly affect a wider range of population. For example, at the age of 20 years acute gastric ulceration is a more likely cause of gastric bleeding than a chronic ulcer. But apart from these few facts we know very little about the incidence of acute gastric ulceration in the different age-groups, sexes, occupations, and populations of the world.

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