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By Arthur Hyman, Averroes

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A suite of treatises by means of Averroes at the nature and houses of the heavens. encompasses a serious variation of the Hebrew textual content with English translation, remark and advent.

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62, Vol. IV, 37r, E). Et hae duae transmutationes, s. quae est in accidentibus rei et quae est in substantia, conveniunt in hoc, quod sunt alteratio eiusdem rei de una qualitate in aliam, et de una dispositione in aliam. Sed quia viderunt quod quoniam res transmutatur in quibusdam istis dispositionibus, statim nomen et definitio eius transmutabuntur, et in quibusdam non, vocaverunt primum modum transmutationem in substantiam et alterationem substantialem, et vocaverunt istas dispositiones dispositiones substantiales.

A. Niphus,... Commentationes in librum Averrois de substantia orbis (Veneliis, 1508), and other sixteenth-century editions. Pietro Pomponazzi, Super libello de substanlia orbis expositio et quaestiones quattuor (Corsi inediti dell'insegnamento padovano), ed. A. Poppi (Padua, 1966). The text appearing in this edition is identical with text 1, so that there was no need to record it in the critical apparatus. Commentaria in sermonetn Averrois de substantia orbis (Venetiis, 1580). This commentary is found in the Juntine editions of 1550-1552, 1573-1576 and other sixteenth-century editions.

One line is represented by ' ,D ,T ,n ,3 ,X; the other by X Of the first line, n ,3 ,N form a coherent subgroup while 0 and ' show some affinity to a. The partial texts a ,b ,1 mark an independent translation from the Arabic. Before turning to the Latin texts, we should note that the anonymous Hebrew version of the manuscripts contains a number of mistranslations. " Since in Arabic the same form, depending on the vowels, may be active or passive, it can be seen how this kind of mistake arose. It must, however, be left open whether such mistakes are the result of carelessness or of insufficient knowledge of Arabic.

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