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By Martin Noble

ISBN-10: 0426199758

ISBN-13: 9780426199755


Mild-mannered Walter Nebicher, desktop wizard for the la Police division, has an aspect to him that few suspect. No, he’s no longer superman in hide, yet he’s created a superbeing: Automan.

Automan is a jogging, conversing extension of Walter’s machine. He has every kind of powers. He can imagine and flow at superspeeds. He can look out of skinny air. Bullets can’t damage hello. He even glows at midnight. but if it involves human behaviour, he’s bought much to learn...

Together, Walter and Automan are going to shake up town — and the Police division.

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Why are you making an issue of this? If Alpha wants twenty new computers then let him have them. We can debit his allowance for it. God knows he’s been enough of a cash cow lately to allow him some toys. ” Dad had started calling himself that a month ago and insisted that his children only address him by that name. Their father’s staff had to address him as Lord Alpha the Most High. For two years before that he’d only answered when addressed as the Orange, which was a vague reference to some alien race whose origins and nature seem to be in some dispute among UFOlogists.

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