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Concluding the tale of the Luftwaffe s reconnaissance devices, this e-book covers the interval from 1942 to finish of the warfare. because the tide of the conflict became opposed to Germany, details received from Aufklärungsflieger turned ever extra important to either the German excessive Command and local-level flooring commanders. starting in 1943, new purpose-built plane have been brought to house the expanding territory variety wanting insurance at the Russian Front.
between airplane mentioned are the Fw 189, Ar 240,
Bv 141, and operations performed via the Fi 156, Bf 109, and Fw 190-equipped Aufklärungsflieger devices. The booklet covers the improvement of long-range reconnaissance together with operations over Russia, the Mediterranean, and Europe utilizing the Bf one hundred ten, Me 410, Ju 88, He 111, Ju 188, and Fw two hundred. additionally mentioned is the position of high-altitude reconnaissance utilizing the lesser-known Ju 86 and Hs a hundred thirty, that have been equipped with experimental pressurised cubicles. The reconnaissance paintings of pioneering jet plane, Me 262 and Ar 234 is integrated as is the function of extremely long-range machines equivalent to the six-engined Ju 290, (used for co-operation with the U-boats) and the Me 264 Amerika bomber.

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