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By Herb Moore

ISBN-10: 0471095931

ISBN-13: 9780471095934

Ebook by means of Moore, Herb, decrease, Judy, Albrecht, Bob

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READ AND DATA STATEMENTS To play an entire melo dy, yo u can enter a SOUND statement for each note, but there are easier ways to do it. One way is to use READ and DATA statements together. This allows you to ENTER several note values as DATA an d have the compu ter READ them into the SOUND statement. Type NEW and press RETURN to clear the last program from the computer 's memory. Now ENTER this program which plays ten notes: 1 REM ** YOUR OWN SON G 100 REM ** READS THE NOTE 110 READ N 200 REM ** PLAYS NOTE 210 SOUND 0 , N, 10 , 10 This line / READS This Da ta 300 REM PAUSE 310 FOR P = l TO 100 320 NEXT P 400 REM ** NEXT NOTE 410 GO TO 110 500 REM ** THE NOTE VALUES 510 DATA 121,81,96,60,64 520 DATA 35,45,64,108,121 53 54 ATARI SOUND AND GRAPHICS RUN it and you'll hear your AT ARI Computer playa melody .

To do this , you must separate the commands with a colon (:). For example, a COLOR command and a graphics mode 3 command might be combined as follows: 110 GRAPHIC S 3 : COLOR 2 instead of: 110 GRAPHIC S 3 120 COLOR 2 SOUND AND GRAPHICS TOGETHER Some programmers us e multiple-line statements to put a REM statement on the same line as the command it describes. 120 INPUT N: REM ** CHOOSE YOUR NOTE You actually won 't see too m any uses of multipl e- line statements in this book because we want to list the programs in a way th a t is easy for you to read .

10 GRAPHICS 20 COLOR 1 30 PLOT 5,5 3 110 DRAWTO 30 , 5 You should get an orange line on the screen like this: I ~EADY A GRAPHICS PROGRAM Now LIST the program. 1 REM ** ORANGE LINE Now RUN the program again. It should work exactly as it did before . We're going to add more lines to draw a figure , so let's put another REM statement in the program to m ark the starting point of the drawing. 1,5 REM statements make the program more understandable to people. The computer ign ores R EM statements.

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