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System startup code for DOS. 1 hack. Explanation • The callout marks are whole numbers enclosed in angle brackets that refer to an item index in the following callout list. • By default callout marks are confined to LiteralParagraphs, LiteralBlocks and ListingBlocks (although this is a configuration file option and can be changed). • Callout list item numbering is fairly relaxed — list items can start with , n> or > where n is the optional list item number (in the latter case list items starting with a single > character are implicitly numbered starting at one).

Inline Macros Inline Macros occur in an inline element context. Predefined Inline macros include URLs, image and link macros. URLs Standard http, https, ftp, file and mailto URLs are rendered using predefined inline macros. The default AsciiDoc inline macro syntax is very similar to a URL: all you need to do is append an attribute list containing an optional caption immediately following the URL. If no caption text is provided the URL itself is displayed. com] Tip If the necessitates space characters they should be replaced by %20.

Here's an example: [blockdef-listing] delimiter=^-{4,}$ template=listingblock presubs=specialcharacters,callouts AsciiDoc Paragraph, DelimitedBlock, List and Table block elements share a common subset of configuration file parameters: delimiter A Python regular expression that matches the first line of a block element — in the case of DelimitedBlocks it also matches the last line. Table elements don't have an explicit delimiter — they synthesize their delimiters at runtime. template The name of the configuration file markup template section that will envelope the block contents.

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