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D. 7' The sectarianaffiliationof the Maitrkasis evidentin the sixth century,when DhruvasenaI (reigned519-49) refersto his predecessorsas worshipers of Siva (parama-mahesvara) and himself as worshiper of Vityu (parama-bhdgavata). ,the copperplateof SiladityaI (reigned599-614). D. 2). D. temple at Gop, Jamnagardistrict. 5courtesy American Institute of Indian Studies, Gurgaon. Thereis thus physicaldisjunctionbetweenthe religiouscenterslocatedalongthe coastandthe politicalcenteratValabhiatthe head of the Gulfof Khambhat.

The inscriptionalso refersto a tax on dyersof cloth,weavers,shoemakers,andretailershawkinggoods on foot. On the contrary,the rulersprovidedpatronageforseverallocalcults. ReligiousTransformationand RitualSpace The settingup of the SudarsanaLakeat Junagarhis often quotedas an example of centralizedMauryancontrol,but what is seldom discussedis the religious landscapearound the site. D. In additionto these, a Visnutemplewas establishedat the site in the Guptaperiod. D. madabad. D. image of lajja-gaurt from Dhank in Junagarhdistrict.

1969), 175-271. 26. ancient 'route' ... was at best simply a 20 broadchannel of communications across a region for the movement of people, goods and ideas. " Modern Kavunlu,formerlyBelkis. R. J. A. , TheBarringtonAtlas of the Greekand RomanWorld(Princeton: Princeton UniversityPress,2000), map 67, F2. 21. Matthews,"TheTaxLawof Palmyra:Evidencefor Economic History in a City of the RomanEast,"Journalof RomanStudies74 (1984): 157-80. 9). Pliny,NaturalHistory,vol. 4, bks. 12-16, trans. H. ed. :HarvardUniversityPress,1986).

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