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By François de Blois

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The Muhammad Ali Hamdani assortment within the Library of The Institute of Ismaili reviews represents a wide phase of the library gathered over seven generations by means of an eminent relatives of students from the Da'udi Bohra neighborhood in India and the Yemen. the majority of the manuscripts are Ismaili spiritual writings, yet there also are lots of attention-grabbing books of normal Islamic, or certainly secular content material, and those provide an extraordinary perception into the total cultural variety of a realized relations of Indian non secular students. the overpowering majority of the books are in Arabic, yet there also are a small quantity in Persian and in Bohra da'wat language (lisan al da'wat), Gujarati in Arabic script. lots of the manuscripts have been produced in India, yet essentially the most attention-grabbing ones are from the Yemen, the ancestral domestic of the Hamdani extended family (the oldest of those is from the 14th century CE, or maybe earlier). comprises specified descriptions of the manuscripts during this Hamdani assortment, discussing either the content material of the works and the codicological beneficial properties of the manuscripts. The creation includes additionally a complete background of the Hamdani relations.

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Allah Figure 4. Da'a'im al-islam, al-Qa<;li al-Nu'man (Ms. 1414/p. 20). I AUIHORS IN NORTII AFRICA, EGYPT AND PERSIA 25 b. Mulla Ibrahim-ji b. al-Shaykh al-Faqil Shaykh 'Ali: b. Sa'id [sc. al-Hamdaru]; seals inscribed 127 4 and 1284. Ms. 5 x 15 em (19 to 20 em x 12 em); 19 to 22lines; black ink with rubrics in red (but in the latter part of the Ms. the spaces for most of the rubrics have been left blank); uneven naskh; a few marginal corrections; completed on 2 Dhu'l-qa'da 1260 (22 November 1844), in the time of 'Abd al-Qadir Najm al-Din (da'i from 1256/1840 to 1302/1885); title at beginning, on both pages of fol.

Ms. 1403 [Handlist 31] Kitiib asriir al-nutaqa> ascribed to Ja'far b. Man~ur al-Yaman Arabic manuscript, 19th century The Tayyibis have preserved two closely related works, both attributed to Ja'far, with the nearly identical titles Asrtir al-nutaqa' and Sara'ir al-nutaqa'. ammad) and of the seven imams in each of the 'cycles' following each of the speakers. ammad b. Isma'i:l. The principal difference 10 1HE CATALOGUE between the Asrar and the Sara'ir seems to be that the former has a long additional section (begins in this copy on fol.

49; Ivanow (1963), no. 16; Goriawala (1965), no. 24; Poonawala (1977), pp. 71-72, no. 1; Gacek (1984), no. 142; Cortese (2003), no. 153. 5 to 10 em); 16lines; black ink with superscription and rubrics in red; naskh; marginal corrections; signed by Tayyib 'Ali: b. Mulla l:;labib Allah b. ib Sultan 'Ali: Burhanpun and dated Friday 15 Sha'ban 1301 (this date corresponds to Monday 9 June 1884, so there is some mistake); title and author indicated in the superscription and on the label on the front cover; title also indicated in the explicit (foL 91a).

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