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By Michael John Sebastian Smith

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Complete publication on ASICs describes the most recent equipment in VLSI-systems layout, ASIC layout, utilizing advertisement instruments and pre-designed telephone libraries. Covers either semicustom and programmable ASIC forms. DLC: Application-specific built-in circuits.

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2a). 2b). Logic designers normally use the terms NAND gate and logic gate (or just gate), but I shall try to use the terms NAND cell and logic cell rather than NAND gate or logic gate in this chapter to avoid any possible confusion with the gate terminal of a transistor. 2 CMOS logic. (a) A two-input NAND logic cell. (b) A two-input NOR logic cell. The n -channel and p -channel transistor switches implement the '1's and '0's of a Karnaugh map. 3 illustrates how electrons and holes abandon their dopant atoms leaving a depletion region around a transistors source and drain.

2nd ed. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 713 p. ISBN 0-201-53376-6. W46. Concentrates on full-custom design. Wolf, W. H. 1994. Modern VLSI Design: A Systems Approach. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 468 p. ISBN 0-13-588377-6. W65. Veendrick, H. J. M. 1992. MOS ICs from Basics to ASICs. New York: VCH, ISBN 1-56081197-8. V397. L ast E d ited by S P 1411 2 0 0 4 CMOS LOGIC A CMOS transistor (or device) has four terminals: gate , source , drain , and a fourth terminal that we shall ignore until the next section.

We shall discuss test in Chapter 14. The cell schematic (a netlist description) describes each cell so that the cell designer can perform simulation for complex cells. You may not need the detailed cell schematic for all cells, but you need enough information to compare what you think is on the silicon (the schematic) with what is actually on the silicon (the layout)this is a layout versus schematic ( LVS ) check. If the ASIC designer uses schematic entry, each cell needs a cell icon together with connector and naming information that can be used by design tools from different vendors.

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