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Developer Documentation to OS X and iOS AppKit, 5051 pages. general from Apple. traditionally asingle huge ebook corresponding to this, the entire long ago from subsequent Step days in 1990 ( correct for over twenty years, and a part of all Apple present items, and xPlatform OPENSTEP, GNUstep, Cocotron AppKit for MS home windows (, and lots of incarnations of AppKit to permit Objective-C programming on non Apple OSes. an analogous moment huge handbook is "Foundation".

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An NSWindow object handles window-level events, distributes other events to its views, and provides a drawing area for its views. An NSWindow object also has a delegate allowing you to customize its behavior. NSView is an abstract class for all objects displayed in a window. All subclasses implement a drawing method using graphics functions; drawRect: (page 3954) is the primary method you override when creating a new NSView subclass. Panels The NSPanel class is a subclass of NSWindow that you use to display transient, global, or pressing information.

DrawAtPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction: (page 60) Draws all or part of the image in the specified rectangle in the current coordinate system – drawInRect:fromRect:operation:fraction: 2011-08-17 | © 1997, 2011 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. 59 CIImage Additions Reference Instance Methods Instance Methods drawAtPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction: Draws all or part of the image at the specified point in the current coordinate system. - (void)drawAtPoint:(NSPoint)point fromRect:(NSRect)srcRect operation:(NSCompositingOperation)op fraction:(CGFloat)delta Parameters point The location in the current coordinate system at which to draw the image.

For example, an application may need to have separate Japanese, English, French, and German versions of character strings, icons, nib files, or context help. lproj” extension). Usually you set up localization resource files using Interface Builder. See the specifications for NSBundle Additions Reference and NSBundle class for more information on localization (NSBundle is in the Foundation framework). 2011-08-17 | © 1997, 2011 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. 55 Classes 2011-08-17 | © 1997, 2011 Apple Inc.

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