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By Constantine A. Balanis

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The most goal of this booklet is to introduce, in a unified demeanour, the elemental rules of antenna thought and to use them to the research, layout, and measurements of antennas. simply because there are such a lot of tools of study and layout and a plethora of antenna constructions, functions are made to a couple of the main easy and sensible configurations, comparable to linear dipoles; loops; arrays; broadband dipoles; touring wave, broadband, and frequency self sustaining antennas; aperture and microstrip antennas; horns, reflectors, and lens antennas. A distinguishing characteristic of this ebook is its three-d graphical illustrations. furthermore, there's an abundance of common graphical illustrations, layout facts, references, and extra difficulties.

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AJR AmJ Roentgenol 142:281-287, 1984. Owen JW, Balfe OM, Koehler RE, et al: Radiologic evaluation of complications after esophagogastrecromy. AJR Am) Roentgenol 140:1163-1169, 1983. Halvorsen RA)r, Thompson \VM: CT of esophageal neoplasms. Radiol Clln North Am 27:667-685, 1989. Phillips LG, Cunningham]: Esophageal perforation. Radial Clin North Am 22:607-613, 1984. Heiken JP, Balfe OM, Roper CL: cr evaluation after esophagogastrectomy. A)R Am) RoentgenoI143:555-560, 1984. Rubcsin S, Rerlinger H, Sigal H: Granular cell tumors of the esophagus.

B, cr shows marked drcumferential wall thickening (arrows) as a result of tumor infiltration. A B Figure 1-40 A 22-year-old with dysphagia. A, Fsophagram sho'\vs an ulcerated malignant lesion of the distal esophagus involving the gastroesophageal junction. The solid arrow indicates the lesion, and the opetl arrow identifies tIle large ulceration. n, cr shows mass with a large ulceration (arrow) in the discal esophagus. rrows) spread to the mediastinum. ""::mlffi and the poor definition of the outer margins of the thick=xd esophagus.

Us organization in transit in the mouth and 00 the tongue: • Is the bolus well organized on the tongue? • Is there spillage into the buccal cavity? • ls there spillage of contrast material into the oral pharynx before the initiation of swallow? nnal triggering of the autonomic swallOWing reflex: • [s there a prompt and rapid triggering of the swallOWing reflex when the bolus touches the posterior pharyngeal wall? • Delays of the triggering of the swallowing reflex should be noted. Contraction, elevation of the soft palate, and ~dusion of the nasopharynx: • Does the soft palate effectively occlude the nasopharynx during swallowing?

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