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By Vincent Rivasseau (Chief Editor)

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This subgraph gj must have j > i hence have t(j) > i. Therefore for each half-line in one of these sets there is always at least one corresponding half-line in Si0 (C) (Si1 (C)). Lemma 10 For any connected component in Tik we have xki ≥ 1/2. Proof. We distinguish three situations. 50 M. Disertori and V. Rivasseau Ann. Henri Poincar´ e • If |Eik (C)| ≥ 5, in fact, by parity of the number of external half-lines of any subgraph, |Eik (C)| ≥ 6 and then xki ≥ (1/4)(|Eik (C)| − 4) ≥ 1/2. 106) • If |Eik (C)| = 4, then there must be a subgraph gj ∈ DC0c (P ) with j ≥ i (j = i only if li belongs to the connected component Tik (J, P )) and A(j) < i.

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