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Independent Khanates After the decline of the Safavids, the territory, although still nominally under Persian sovereignty, broke up into independently ruled provinces, or khanates. Throughout the eighteenth century, Azerbaijan was torn by internal fighting between the khanates—mainly the Guba Khanate, the Sheki Khanate, the Karabakh Khanate, the Talysh Khanate, the Baku Khanate, the Ganja Khanate, the Nakhchivan Khanate, the Shirvan Khanate, the Derbent Khanate, and the Irevan Khanate. A powerful khan of Sheki named Haji Chelebi fought and declared Sheki an independent khanate, which existed until Chelebi died in 1755.

An isolated and inexperienced post-Soviet orphan in the “globalized” system of relationships, Azerbaijan was up against the sophisticated and powerful international Armenian Diaspora, especially in the United States, who were actively lobbying in favor of post-Soviet Armenia. In the years that have passed since, Azerbaijan has undertaken a rigorous effort to support a national Diaspora around the world, including Russia, the USA, and Europe, to offset the Armenian lead in the international political and information battles.

At that time, its alphabet was changed to Cyrillic. During the years of Stalin’s Great Purge in the 1930s, thousands of Azerbaijanis were exiled and executed. Much of the intellectual elite of that time perished in the Soviet Gulags. Azerbaijan’s importance to the Soviets was mainly in its hydrocarbon resources. Baku supplied oil to help prosecute the Second World War and in 1940 production reached 72 percent of all oil extracted in the territory of the USSR. In his book The Prize, about the history of the oil industry, researcher Daniel Yergin writes about Hitler’s plans to capture the Caucasus, specifically the oil fields of Baku, in 1942.

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