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With British merchants happily trading once again, and distracted by problems with Spain, Parliament was almost silent on the question of the American colonies for the next three years—until the Tea Act was passed in 1773. Did you know . . • Charles Townshend was clever and witty, loud and amusing, and his nickname was “Champagne Charlie” (pronounced sham-PAIN; a sparkling wine). His personality traits were apparently good enough qualifications for King George, who listened to Townshend’s advice and supported the Townshend Acts.

George III was said to be not very bright—he was eleven years old before he learned to read. As often happened when a new king or queen ascended the British throne, George faced power struggles among the important men who surrounded him. The struggles would decide who had influence over the king and would therefore gain power themselves. In his early days on the throne, George III was more interested in establishing his power and settling on advisers than in dealing with any restlessness in the American colonies.

Estate: All of a person’s possessions and debts left behind at death. Pounds sterling: Another name for British money. Pamphlet: Printed material with a paper cover. Herein after: Later. Gazette: Newspaper. Almanack: Almanac; annual publication that contains general statistical information. Instrument, proceeding, or other matter or thing aforesaid: Any legal matters already mentioned. 11 George Washington Reacts to the Stamp Act George Washington (1732–1799) had an undistinguished childhood that gave no hint of the greatness that he would later achieve.

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