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Daughter of father's sirtcr a) ilu'anfi bdbd inyi m l dm; % 5 i u i n e mama y i w :z~ h 51. Sonofmother'sbmtherb) 53. Dauphter of ,,mtberrsb q ,1 54. Dauphter of motbeis bm. b ) n u i n i mama inyi ssl f z ~ I n u i n i mama invi s l dmi 55. Son of mother's sister a) h u i n i mama y j k y l tyd i 58. Daughter of son nu% li& I ntsay k6 ] 6mb nub lfinl /For explanation of a ) and b), see footnotes on first page of table/ g - Kinship Terms of the Peoples of Farther India /Between pp. 34 and 35/ (own findings) Translation ~il~fi~f LAIHGN~ 29.

275. even today. Telford (2) assumes that an especially large 2. Page 90. number of Akha live in the extreme east of Kengtung. in the /~erweenpp. 24 and 25/ of rhe Akha girl ronzlzts, o l a small cap, a jacket wirh ~ l e e v e ? ,a ;hart skirr, and leggings. The navel remains t~ncovered. 111. 7. The clorhlng /Between pp. 24 and 25/ / ~ e z w e e npp. 24 and 25/ /Between pp. 24 and 2 5 / /25 cont. / vicinity of the Mekong mountain gorge, and that large groups are settled in the eastern parts of Thailand and Indochina, especially east and north of the Mekong in upper Laos.

It is t o be deeply regretted that almost nothing is known as yet concerning the history of the Akha, and therefore comparative material between them and the Meau is lacking. Chapter 3 Origin and Habitation Sites It is possible for us to trace the history of the Meau over a period of four and a half millennia. Thus there are unexpected possibilities, especially for the ethnologist, who, as a rule, has to be satisfied with observations based on a few generations in the life of a people. Concerning the original homeland of the Meau, Von Eickstedt (1) writes: "The tribal conglomeration of the present- day Meau, in the essential aspects of its physical composition and cultural individuality, may have originated in the steppe region where Tibet, Mongolia, and Old China touch.

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