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If these keys are used, the adb command waits for a new command. In general, requests to the adb command are in the following form: [Address] [,Count] [Command] [;] where Address and Count are expressions. The default for the Count expression is a value of 1. If the Address expression is specified, the . (period) variable is set to Address. The interpretation of an address depends on the context in which it is used. If a subprocess is being debugged, addresses are interpreted in the usual way in the address space of the subprocess.

Must be 1 uppercase character. Valid values are: v R (for POWER-based) -r ReleaseLevel -t Type v I (for Itanium-based). Specifies the release level of the LPP. Must be no more than 2 digits, for example 01 Specifies the package type. The default value for package type is I. lp -v Version v T - tar formatted file Specifies the input lppname file. lp files. lp. Specifies the version of the LPP. Must be no more than 2 digits, for example, 04 Error Codes The adelppname command terminates processing with a non-zero return code if any of the following errors are detected: v The command line does not contain the minimum number of arguments.

The information that you view includes attributes, base permissions, and extended permissions. To see an example of access control information, refer to Access Control List. Flags -o OutFile Specifies that the access control information be written to the file specified by the OutFile parameter. Alphabetical Listing of Commands 17 Security Access Control: This command should be a standard user program and have the trusted computing base attribute. Access Control Lists In an access control list, attributes, base and extended permissions are in the following format: Attributes: ( SUID | SGID | SVTX ) Base Permissions: Owner (name): Mode Group (group): Mode Others: Mode Extended Permissions: ( Enabled | Disabled ) Permit Mode u:Username,g:groupname Deny Mode u:Username,g:groupname Specify Mode u:Username,g:groupname The access modes are: read (r), write (w), and execute/search (x), with the Mode parameter expressed as rwx (with a dash replacing each unspecified permission) For example, the following ACL indicates that the file belongs to user user1 and the group staff.

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