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Ste ne mene1 (she) did not invite. to the banquet. . 34 The combination of a relative plus ixu imitates the Greek partitive:35 1:3 ЬоЦаготй zemnymu i ñe іхй о пет 'unto the princes of the provinces (who were) before him'; 8:11 ijudéomti eîe іхй bjaíe po vsëm gradomu '(to) the Jews which were in every city'; / na vsja eliko ix pristupaie к піти 'and upon all who should join them'. 3 6 Further, ñe is used as a quasi-definite article in 1:14, a ñe blñnii emu 'and those closest to him'. The substitution of a periphrastic past tense for the Hebrew imperfect surely is a Hellenism:37 2:14 na veten ta bë prixodjaSCi / zautra bë vuzvraS6ajuS6i sja 'in the evening she went, and on the 31 Cf.

Originally, however, such titles, or terms, did not point to any structure. Rather the opposite is true, for their early use was normally for anthologies—themselves no more than 6 ENCOUNTER WITH THE EAST 325 agonized perceptions of their work, are to be taken seriously—even when at the same time they owe their being to that other flora: literary dissemination, with its ambiguity of parentage. This overlapping vegetation symbolism of titles, however, has its limitations, and that is in part expressed already in the prefaces to the three collections.

Sobolevskij, on the contrary, cited many archaisms and rare words as evidence that the translation had been done before 1300. All agreed, however, that the translating was done by East Slavs. Sobolevskij singled out first a group of words Esther shared with other Rusian texts, then words of west Russian origin he believed came from an intermediate copy of the text, and, finally, words unknown in other early Rusian manuscripts. " He offers no analysis at all, 38 39 40 MS 262 has prixodila, voroialasu, and klikal.

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