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The recent variation will give you the sole complete source to be had for non-linear optics, together with distinctive descriptions of the advances over the past decade from world-renowned experts.

summary: the hot variation will give you the sole entire source to be had for non-linear optics, together with distinct descriptions of the advances during the last decade from world-renowned specialists

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22) vanishes in the vacuum. Their analysis leads to the obvious conclusion that the Bð3Þ field vanishes in such a case. This does, however, not rule out the existence of Bð3Þ when there is a nonzero 4-current of the type (26) introduced by de Broglie, Vigier and Evans. Thus, without a Proca-type equation (22), no steady-state magnetic ‘‘spin field’’ can exist in a rest frame K 0 . D. The Photon Radius The present photon model is partly supported by experiments performed. Thus far in earlier investigations on two-slit interference phenomena of individual photons in the ultraviolet range [21], dot-shaped marks were observed at a screen, as in a similar case with electrons.

77) and (78), which yield o ¼ kcðsin aÞ v ¼ cðsin aÞ ð88Þ where the phase and group velocities o=k and qo=qk are both equal to v. Equation (81) then takes the form ! q2 1 q 1 q2 1 q 2 2 2 2 À À k þ À k ðcos aÞ ¼ ÀðtgaÞ þ ðcos aÞ E Ez j qr 2 r qr r 2 qr 2 r qr ð89Þ We introduce the function G0 Á G ¼ Ez þ ðcot aÞEj G ¼ RðrÞ exp ½iðÀot þ kzފ ð90Þ 32 b. lehnert where G0 is an amplitude factor and RðrÞ is a dimensionless function of r. A and Appendix B. Using Eqs. (89), (90) and (78), the electric and magnetic field components become Er ¼ ÀiG0 ½yðcos aÞ2 ŠÀ1 q 1 qf ½ð1 À r2 DÞGŠ ¼ À þ ioAr qr r0 qr ð92Þ Ej ¼ G0 ðtgaÞr2 DG ¼ ioAj Á À Ez ¼ G0 1 À r2 D G ¼ Àikf þ ioAz ð93Þ Br ¼ ÀG0 ½cðcos aފÀ1 r2 DG ¼ ÀikAj ð95Þ ð94Þ and Bj ¼ ÀiG0 ðsin aÞ½ycðcos aÞ2 ŠÀ1 ¼ ikAr À 1 qAz r0 qr q ½ð1 À r2 DÞGŠ qr ð96Þ À1 Bz ¼ ÀiG0 ½ycðcos aފ   q 1 1 1 q þ ðrAj Þ ðr2 DGÞ ¼ qr r r0 r qr ð97Þ Consequently, the function G can be considered as a generating function from which the entire electromagnetic field of an elementary axisymmetric EMS mode can be determined, in analogy with the generating function (37) of a steady equilibrium state.

As a next step we assume the value " y2 ¼ 0 corresponding to a phase velocity where jo=kj ¼ c. Then Eqs. (74)–(76) reduce to  ! 1 Dr À ðEr ; Ej Þ ¼ 0 r2 Dr E z ¼ 0 ð85Þ where Dr ¼ q2 1 q þ qr2 r qr ð86Þ 31 optical effects of an extended electromagnetic theory The solutions then have the form ðEr ; Ej Þ / k1 r þ k2 r Ez / k3 ln r þ k4 ð87Þ where k1 , k2 , k3 , k4 are constants. This result agrees with that of Eqs. (83) and (84) in the limit " y2 ¼ 0. We then recover the result that the nonzero form of the electric field becomes infinite either at the origin or at infinity, and this also applies to the magnetic field through Eq.

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