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By David Harber

ISBN-10: 0873646347

ISBN-13: 9780873646345

From EOD professional David Harber comes a bumper crop of latest and strange incendiary and explosive concoctions. Get distinct directions for gelled nitromethane, ANFO+, nipolit, plus unique guns utilized by terrorists around the globe. for info reasons in basic terms.

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The 'IWT wilt precipitate tlut of tbeliquid in its crystalline fonn, which is the most $lIwtitive type. These aystels are pNlIsod io lo the booster cavity uslnB heavy hand pressure, leaving a hol\1 in which to insert the detonalor . 5tandanl No , S blll5t:iog ca p will initiate the Th"T, .... hkh ill turn ... it! det onate tha ama lol. oged. Il be slated for 10111 periods of time with no chango i:n sensitivity, power, or $lability. As an iotBresting uide, amato! was used early in World War n, but • CaoadilJl TNT plant chang&d thiog" Though Ihe company hild never maoufa c;; tured TNT bBfOTll.

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