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By Stefan Müller-Doohm

ISBN-10: 0745631088

ISBN-13: 9780745631080

'Even the biographical person is a social category', wrote Adorno. 'It can in simple terms be outlined in a residing context including others.' during this significant new biography, Stefan Muller-Doohm turns this maxim again on Adorno himself and gives a wealthy and finished account of the existence and paintings of 1 of the main incredible minds of the 20th century.

This authoritative biography levels around the complete of Adorno's lifestyles and occupation, from his youth and scholar years to his years in emigration within the usa and his go back to postwar Germany. whilst, Muller-Doohm examines the total diversity of Adorno's writings on philosophy, sociology, literary idea, track thought and cultural feedback. Drawing on an array of resources from Adorno's own correspondence with Horkheimer, Benjamin, Berg, Marcuse, Kracauer and Mann to interviews, notes and either released and unpublished writings, Muller-Doohm situates Adorno's contributions within the context of his occasions and gives a wealthy and balanced appraisal of his value within the twentieth Century as an entire.

Muller-Doohm's transparent prose succeeds in making obtainable essentially the most advanced components of Adorno's suggestion. This remarkable biography stands out as the regular paintings on Adorno for years yet to come.

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His gaze can be interpreted as reflecting an attitude that is directed inwards, calmly expressing the question What experiences and encounters will the world have to offer me? His pensive look is mixed with a kind of dreaminess. He seems to be untouched by such contemporary events as had already been revealed by the violent excesses of the First World War. How could such a person know that his would be the face of one of the many victims of the century? Adorno experienced the four war years from the perspective of a schoolboy who had grown up in a family that kept its distance from the wave of patriotic war fever and rampant nationalist arrogance.

6 A generous father and two musical mothers Oscar Alexander Wiesengrund conducted his business affairs with great flair during the last years of the nineteenth century. He exported wine to Britain and the United States and established a branch of the company in Leipzig. He also owned a share in the wine-merchants Friedrich Daehne GmbH. This firm had been registered since May 1923 and was situated at different times in various locations in the city centre. 7 In addition, the Wiesengrund family owned a property in the little Odenwald town of Seeheim.

The house, number 7, Schöne Aussicht, did its owner proud. The four-floor neoclassical building which contained both the shop and the wine cellar was extremely impressive. The Schöne Aussicht was part of the old town and hence a purely residential quarter, free from the noise made by commercial activities of whatever kind. Nevertheless, Wiesengrund was able to ply his winemerchant’s trade in this select area. 3 A photograph from around the turn of the century gives a picture of the shop. Standing in front of it is the owner, together with three master-coopers or cellarmen, the latter recognizable by their large leather aprons; the picture also shows two women workers and two other employees.

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