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By Adam Freeman, Darrel Ince

ISBN-10: 0201403706

ISBN-13: 9780201403701

Covers the most principles in the back of the language and gives a radical creation to new ideas and concerns linked to utilizing Java. Illustrated all through with examples. Paper.

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However, the check whether it is true or false occurs after statements is executed. This means that statements will be executed at least once; this is in contrast to the while statement where it is possible for the statements within the loop to be just skipped over, for example where the while statement is processing an array and there are no elements currently stored in the array. equals(lastNodeName)); This code searches for the string contained in the string variable lastNodeName in the string array names.

There is, for example, a method associated with strings called length which can be used when sending a message to a string in order to ascertain its length. length(); delivers the number of characters in the string telnetId. All the primitive data types within Java can be given values by means of assignment statements. For example, the code shown below: int a, b, c; a = 10; b = 23; c = 45; declares three variables a, b and c and then uses assignment statements to give them the values 10, 23 and 45.

This is just one example of a new invoice class being derived by inheritance from a general invoice class – there are many other examples. For example, a class could be developed for companies which have rules for determining discounts based on a complicated formula which gives discounts for quantities ordered for particular items. If this class does not require any facilities for handling early payment, then it could inherit from the class Invoice direct; however, if it does require these facilities, then it would inherit from the class EarlyPayInvoice which contains these facilities and which was formed by inheritance from the discounted class.

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