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By Walter Savitch

ISBN-10: 0201709279

ISBN-13: 9780201709278

Absolute C++ , deals entire assurance of the C++ programming language. It presents the entire instruments invaluable for knowledgeable and amateur programmers to grasp C++, together with: thorough assurance of the normal Template Library; entire and entirely executable code all through; sections highlighting programming information and customary pitfalls; and a logical order of insurance of C++ issues to ensure that scholars to raised comprehend the language. This publication is acceptable for introductory classes overlaying the C++ language, intermediate programming classes introducing C++ to scholars accustomed to one other language and should act as a complete reference past a student's coursework.

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N"; If the value of score is greater than 0 and the value of score is also less than 10, then the first cout statement will be executed; otherwise, the second cout statement will be executed. ) You can also combine two comparisons using the “or” operator, which is spelled || in C++. For example, the following is true provided y is less than 0 or y is greater than 12: (y < 0) || (y > 12) When two comparisons are connected using a ||, the entire expression is true provided that one or both of the comparisons are true; otherwise, the entire expression is false.

This can be done by using the modifier const in a variable declaration. Use enough parentheses in arithmetic expressions to make the order of operations clear. The object cout is used for console output. A \n in a quoted string or an endl sent to console output starts a new line of output. fm Page 39 Wednesday, August 20, 2003 2:21 PM Answers to Self-Test Exercises 39 The object cerr is used for error messages. In a typical environment, cerr behaves the same as cout. The object cin is used for console input.

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