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By Robert Silverberg

ISBN-10: 0765322315

ISBN-13: 9780765322319

Within the a long way destiny, Earth is a tired backwater and humanity is unfold around the galaxy on worlds that all started as colonies, yet now suppose like domestic, each one with its personal lengthy background of one thousand years or extra, and every with its personal designated tradition. one of many strangest is on Borthan, the place the founding settlers verified the Covenant, which teaches that the self is to be despised, and forbids somebody to bare his innermost ideas or emotions to a different. On Borthan, the filthiest obscenities that you can imagine are the phrases “I” and “me.” For the heinous crime of “self-baring,” apostates have consistently paid with exile or dying, yet after his eyes are opened via a customer from Earth, Kinnall Darival, prince of Salla, hazards every little thing to coach his humans the true that means of being human.

With a brand new creation by way of the writer, and the first-ever map of Borthan, this vintage, out of print when you consider that 1992, is a lovely new addition to the Orb imprint.

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We worked hard, felling the huge trees in all weathers, stripping them of boughs, feeding them to the mill, a long tiring day and a chilly one, but plenty of hot wine at night, and every tenth day a platoon of women brought in from a nearby town to amuse us. My weight increased by half again, all of it hard muscle, and I grew taller until I surpassed the tallest logger in the camp, and they made jokes about my size. My beard came in full and the planes of my face changed as the plumpness of youth went from me.

I did not know Loimel; I had not found her thus far to be anything but open and giving; I had no right to disparage her in that way. The two years had not aged Halum so much as burnished her, and she had come to the full radiance of her beauty.

The only way I could reach Manneran, it seemed, was overland via Salla, and I hardly wished to do that. I was resourceful, though. I found myself a room in a tavern near the docks and spent a few days picking up maritime gossip. Passenger service might be suspended, but commercial seafaring, I discovered, was not, since the prosperity of Glin depended upon it; convoys of merchant vessels, heavily armed, went forth on regular schedules. A limping seaman who stayed in the same tavern told me, when blue wine of Salla had oiled him sufficiently, that a merchant convoy of this sort would leave in a week's time, and that he had a berth aboard one of the ships.

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