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By Baumann C.

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Once you’ve got the relay connected to the reader board, you’ll have to get a hold of some very long wires to connect to the strike and the deadbolt circuitry. These wires have to be long enough to run from the control box to each device, so take that into consideration before soldering them. Or, you could easily add a connector of some kind so the wires from the control box don’t have to lead nonstop from the relay to each device. You’ll need four wires, or two sets of two-conductor wire. Radio Shack sells coils of two-conductor speaker wire that works well.

Chapter 2 — Getting in the Front Door FIGURE 2-37: Updating tag data with time restrictions Beyond DooRFID DooRFID is one example of how you might implement an access-control software solution. If you so desire, you can add many more features, like e-mail notifications and support for multiple control boxes on multiple doors. Changes to the database structure could allow certain tags through only certain doors at certain times. If you wanted to, you could create a crazy maze of doors with readers and time restrictions for certain tags so that a maze-runner has to not only make their way through the maze, but also try doors at the right time.

If the resistor was not there, the capacitor could not discharge and would remain saturated for quite a long time, which means you could only unlock the deadbolt once every 5–10 minutes. I know some capacitor fans out there might be annoyed. Very technically speaking, current doesn’t actually flow through the capacitor, but logically speaking it does. If you want to find out more about how capacitors work, there’s tons of information on the Internet about these fascinating little devices. Chapter 2 — Getting in the Front Door Build the OPEN Button Control Circuit First you’ll need to solder jumper wires to the OPEN button circuit contacts on the deadbolt control board as shown in Figure 2-20.

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A simple and fast look-up table method to compute the Exp and Ln functions by Baumann C.

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