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By Robert Sewell

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Pass judgement on Robert Sewell (1845-1925) used to be a civil servant in colonial India. He did large paintings at the historical past of the Vijayanagara Empire, really the autumn of Hampi, the empire's capital. He translated The Vijayanagar Empire as visible via Domingo Paes and Fernao Nuniz - defined as an eyewitness account of Portuguese visitors to India within the sixteenth century and document at the Vijayanagar Empire. His different works contain: Analytical heritage of India (1870), Eclipses of the Moon in India (1878), Antiquarian continues to be in Presidency of Madras (1882), A cartoon of the Dynasties of S. India (1883), South Indian Chronological Tables (1889) and The Indian Calendar (with S. B. Dikshit) (1896).

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In 1306 there was a fresh expedition to Devagiri. In 1309 Malik Kafur, the celebrated general, with an immense force swept into the Dakhan and captured Warangal. [6] Fresh fighting took place in 1312. Six years later Mubarak of Delhi marched to Devagiri and inhumanly flayed alive its unfortunate prince, Haripala Deva, setting up his head at the gate of his own city. In 1323 Warangal fell. Thus the period at which our history opens, about the year 1330, found the whole of Northern India down to the Vindhya mountains firmly under Moslem rule, while the followers of that faith had overrun the Dakhan and were threatening the south with the same fate.

Introduction Chapter 1. D. 1336 -- A Hindu bulwark against Muhammadan conquest -- The opening date, as given by Nuniz, wrong -- "Togao Mamede" or Muhammad Taghlaq of Delhi -- His career and character. , during the reign of Edward III. of England, there occurred in India an event which almost instantaneously changed the political condition of the entire south. With that date the volume of ancient history in that tract closes and the modern begins. It is the epoch of transition from the Old to the New.

Mallik found the people too strong for him, and eventually the Sultan restored the country to the Hindus, raising to be rajah and minister respectively the two brothers who had formerly been minister and treasurer. These were Harihara I. ("Hukka") and Bukka I. The First Vijayanagar Dynasty [The following shows the pedigree of this dynasty as given in the Epigraphia Indica (iii. p. 36). ] Chapter 3. D. 1336 to 1379) Chapter 3. D. 1336 to 1379) Rapid acquisition of territory -- Reign of Harihara I.

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