New PDF release: A first look at Dylan.Classes,functions,and modules

By Strassman S.

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Mechanical immobilization is used most frequently in infants where it has most value. Mechanical immobilization may not be necessary in the study of the premature and other very sick infants who do not move much. It may be very difficult in the premature infant because of problems in maintaining a sterile environment. In some of these situations, holding of the baby by personnel during exposure may be necessary. Because of the slight scatter in these studies, this represents little hazard (see also Section 6).

In individuals who perform angiograms or other high dose studies, an additional monitor worn above the apron will give a dose measurement which is closely related to that received by the eye or thyroid (Rueter, 1978). In this situation, therefore, there may be an advantage to wearing two monitors, one under the apron for bone marrow dose and one above the apron to represent eye and thyroid dose. 6 Pregnant Personnel Care should be taken to minimizethe radiation exposure to pregnant personnel in the fluoroscopic room.

As is true for all radiological procedures, CT should be done under the supervision of a physician who has experience in radiation protection and knowledge of the implications of radiobiology. Also, as in conventional studies, the examination should be tailored so that the minimum number of scans should be obtained to give the necessary radiological information. In most cases, collimation is very good in modem CT units so that there is very little radiation outside of each scan. Thus,more scans simply mean that a larger volume of the patient is irradiated, not that the area studied receives a greater dose, unless overlapping scans are obtained.

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