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By James Wynbrandt

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Provides the main occasions, humans, and traditions that experience formed Pakistan. This name contains insurance at the The land and its humans; The Indus Valley Civilization; The Vedic Age in Pakistan; The multi-millionaire interval; British rule; The fight for independence; Partition; Civilian and armed forces rule; and, Islamization of Pakistan.

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The Kushans exercised this power until the fifth century, when their kingdom, along with all others around them, fell to new invaders from Central Asia. The Guptas and the Great Age of the Hindus After falling from importance and enduring three centuries of obscurity, Magadha, the once-powerful kingdom that had controlled the subcontinent’s northeast, returned to the Indian stage. This occurred under a ruler who shared the name of the monarch who had established the 35 A BRIEF HISTORY OF PAKISTAN Mauryan kingdom: Chandragupta I (r.

But Tibet’s westward expansion continued, finally winning dominance over the Gilgit Valley and upper Chitral. Such was the importance of maintaining strong ties with China that before the leader of Kabul and Swat passed rule to his son, he sought approval from China. Underscoring China’s interest in defending its flank, China also granted the son the title “Brave General Guarding the Left” in approving the succession. Meanwhile the resurgent Arabs resumed efforts to expand their empire in Central Asia.

Darius III (ca. ), who ruled the Achaemenian Empire at the time, gathered forces from across the empire to battle the invaders. His forces included Bactrians and Sogdians from what is now Pakistan. Their assistance in this and previous campaigns pitting the Persians against the Greeks did not escape Alexander’s attention. , though the Persians survived the defeat. E. He looted and burned Persepolis and several other Persian cities. , after adding Khurasan and Bactria to his conquests, Alexander marched his army toward Afghanistan and points east.

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