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With 397 illustrations in colour. The airborne dirt and dust jacket is expense clipped and has chips and closed tears to the extremities.

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These stylistic contributions would not perhaps have been so welcome had they not come with the new religion, which, strangely, was able to take root in social structures completely unrelated to the cosmic and religious views of India. Buddhist thought, which originated in opposition to the stagnant Brahmanic and Vedic currents, eventually became an ecumenical, missionary religion that was embraced by most of Asia. The concessions that Buddhism had to make to acquire supernational acceptance are reflected in iconography and style.

D. 629650), contributed to her definitive form, the cult of Tara is certainly much older. She is the woman's 'flavor' that helps one through life to the Absolute, dispelling physical and metaphysical fears and permitting one to satisfy all one's desires. 43 2. Early Indian Civilization Evidence of the first phases of human existence is to be found throughout the Indian subcontinent, now politically divided into two large states: the Indian Union and the Republic of Pakistan. The early presence of man in this geographic area, which was then different in shape, extension, configuration, and climate, is demonstrated by roughly made stone handicrafts of a type which seems characteristic of the so-called Soan (or Sohan) culture of the Asian world, a culture which lasted for several hundred thousand years.

The proportions of the body, slightly different from those established in iconometry, make the representation very lively and extremely significant of the bronze production of southern Indian. 35. Royal personage with markedly characterized facial features. Bronze statuette. D. National Museum, New Delhi. 36 36. Detail of the erotic scenes adorning the central platform of the Sun temple of Konarak. D. 37 Although still essentially Persian in taste, the Mogul style was largely Indian, showed traces of Turkish influence, and echoed European art, especially in the perspective and relief effects of miniatures (see figs.

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